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Celiac Disease

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Hi there Buz~!
I don't have Celiac's, but I have allergies to wheat --(Plus IBS) and wheat is the top offender-food.
May I ask how you know you have Celiac's if you have not yet been diagnosed? I have known two people personally with Celiac's ...one older lady who almost died she had been so sick, and then was diagnosed (finally) at Porter's Hospital in Denver...they are the BEST with digestive problems. Lois could not even eat Campbell's or any of the other common canned soups because they all have wheat in the broth... She had to stick with meat and vegetables and fruits...period. But after six months she was an entirely new person!! Healthy and full of energy!
The other person was only around 35 and she was having a terrible time psychologically not being able to eat pasta, ANY kind of bread, desserts (they even manage to get wheat into some cheaper ice creams! 🙁 ... not fair! With her, her doctor had told her that 'gluten free' was not strict enough ... simply to avoid (in her case) all grains. She was doing better last I heard.
I do better staying away from ALL grains, too.. but occasionally have rice pasta because sometimes I miss good ol' mac and cheese. 🙂 So I'm glad for rice macaroni!
Good luck to you!

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Bettyann, I have been with IBS. But, I think I may have been mis-diagnosed. I have been getting mouth ulcers for about 4 or 5 years now and are very painful. I have been to the ER once or twice already for pains in my stomach and are so painful I almost pass out. I also have an explained skin condition and was diagnosed with Liken Pantus. I think the dermotogist was just agreeing with me on that one. He was not really sure himself. I have uncontrolable diarrehia. Certain foods and stress will bring it on. I had read on the enternet that Crohn's cannot be diagnosed from a colonosopy because it will not show the small intestent. My so-called gastrologist in Calif did a colonoscopy and said I did not have that. I have almost all the symptoms though. It is possible that I cold have Celiac. I just need to hear what other people have had and what they were diagnosed with. This will help me I think. Thank you Bettann for your post.

Oh dear, poor you... I am just so sorry for what you are going through. Is there any chance you could possibly see a new gastro doctor? I wish all the best for you.

I will see a new gastro doctor as soon as I can get some medical insurance. I might have to see about Medicaid if I don't find work here soon. Thank you for so much of your time Bettyann. You have been so sweet and I do appriciate all your help and concern.

Good luck! You might inquire about Kaiser's Senior Advantage, too. No cost on premiums...But yes, DO try to go for Medicaid...might as well give it a try!