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@ilcpfightee, I'm following your thinking "If only 70% of my cancer is driven by Estrogen, and the other two things are negative, is something else also driving the growth?"

However, the determination of the presence or lack of hormone receptors is important to understand which treatments are effective, rather than considering what is "driving growth". The types of breast cancer that do not have hormone receptors are not affected by endocrine treatments aimed at blocking hormones in the body.

What treatments are you getting or have had? Are they treating your cancer like they would treat triple negative breast cancer?

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Very helpful information! I/ 57 yrs and had lumpectomy surgery 11/30 for ILC and just received first labs. Negative in node removed – so relieved and 1.8 cm so thought is Stage 1, Grade 2. I'm waiting on oncotype and was referred to radiation oncology consult in 2 weeks but expect daily for 4-6 weeks. I understand radiation is much for targeted now and it sounds like the newest treatments -the proton beam (only at MGH as close to Boston) is not typically used for breast radiation. (reserved for pediatric, brain, lung). Is this accurate? It seems the radiation is so critical but is there much difference in the treatment from one hospital to another? The nurse said "pretty standard"?? I'm planning on meeting an oncologist also but am told the oncologist works more with anti hormone pills and/or chemo. Any help/advice appreciated. Thanks!!