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Hello @randy427, I'm sorry to hear you are still having issues after the hip replacement. I have a complicated hip history that I will not repeat here, but it led to pain issues even after the implant itself had healed.

What really helped me turn the corner was a referral to a rehabilitation physical therapist. Not just a clinic that does the after-surgery routine therapeutic exercises. You need a specialty center whose therapists have PhD's and advanced training in kinesiology, physical therapy, manual manipulation, or myofascial release. What I got was a full assessment of my body mechanics, gait, joint mobility and flexibility. Then a custom program of land and water therapy plus home exercises. It took 3 months of hard work with the therapists, and another 3 months of work at home, with monthly check-ins, to overcome the leg & back pain.

Do you think you can get a referral from the surgeon?


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I am almost three months out from my anterior hip replacement and two weeks ago started having burning thigh pain, tingling and numbness and pain in foot. My foot on the operative side turns red after walking. I went for my checkup yesterday and my doctor told me that it was nerve pain. It can get pretty painful at times and the doc said it could take six to nine months to go away. Yikes, not looking forward to it. I am interested in your suggestion of a rehab physical therapist. My current physical therapist gives me the usual post surgery exercises. I don't know if there is such a place where I live. Did your doctor give you a referral? Did you try any medications or anything else? Just wondering what you tried before the rehab. The doc suggested massaging my thigh and hip, then if that doesn't really work, gabapentin. If the medication and massage doesn't work, nerve ablation.