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67 yo male with anterior h.r. Sharp thigh and buttock spasms year late
I had my right hip done in 2020,year later I started getting super spasms in my thigh,buttock,and lower back. Dr. gave me pills but I don’t want to take pills.if I walk a lot or stand a lot it seems to kick in,only lasts a few seconds,but comes back if I take the weight off of my heel,put the weight back on my heel it goes away most of the time…then it seems I have to walk it off and it’s like it never happened.does not do it when I hit the couch after dinner or all night sleeping it’s fine,even in the morning,some days are good and some painful…..I had the anterior hip replacement done,I’m hearing that the posterior may be better because it doesn’t mess with the nerves as much.I had a cordazone shot,an epidural,still going to PT and nothing is helping. I see in forums that some doctors don’t do the anterior way anymore because of the nerves……..and what I’m seeing is I’m being past around like an insurance wallet and not getting an answer…how can nobody know what this is or what’s causing it????? Or how to fix it! I just wanted to grow old gracefully and play with the grand kids with out pain! Help me!! And all the others that can’t get answers!

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Hello @randy427, I'm sorry to hear you are still having issues after the hip replacement. I have a complicated hip history that I will not repeat here, but it led to pain issues even after the implant itself had healed.

What really helped me turn the corner was a referral to a rehabilitation physical therapist. Not just a clinic that does the after-surgery routine therapeutic exercises. You need a specialty center whose therapists have PhD's and advanced training in kinesiology, physical therapy, manual manipulation, or myofascial release. What I got was a full assessment of my body mechanics, gait, joint mobility and flexibility. Then a custom program of land and water therapy plus home exercises. It took 3 months of hard work with the therapists, and another 3 months of work at home, with monthly check-ins, to overcome the leg & back pain.

Do you think you can get a referral from the surgeon?



Is it possible you're suffering from sciatica? Some of the symptoms, including pain in the buttock, thigh, and lower back could be from sciatica. I'd at least ask the Dr. if it's possible, although I doubt he/she would miss something like that.

All the best. Joe

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