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I been diagnosed ....that I have diverticulitis.And bleeds off and on need to come up with a fix....

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I was diagnosed with diverticulitis 12 years ago. Unfortunately I was having a G.I. bleed and had to be transported to the hospital. Four days later and two units of blood and I was released. Through the years I have carefully watched what I eat. No seeds no nuts no popcorn.
I had been able to manage it through the years with only having about three bouts of it. No bleeding. I would be put on Cipro and Flagyl to treat the infection. Makes you so sick. Hate that stuff.
I am super super careful but middle of February 2022 I ended up going to the ER and was diagnosed with a diverticulitis blow up. I was prescribed Cipro and Flagyl and sent on my way. Infection did not go away. I contacted my G.I. doctor and had a colonoscopy. But the colonoscopy didn’t happen until I was on three more rounds of double antibiotics. Colonoscopy showed that it was slowly getting better. Went on to more double rounds of antibiotics and finally I wave the white flag.
Contacted my G.I. doctor and asked him what else could be done because I was so sick from being on all the antibiotics. So June 6, 2022 I had a sigmoidectomy where they took out my sigmoid colon. I was recovering nicely. And four months into it I had to go on amoxicillin for a dental issue. 10 days after that full-blown C diff. Bleeding and all. Spent six days in the hospital treating that. I was released on Vancomycin and a probiotic named Florastor. I have been out of the hospital for two weeks and hoping it does not come
back. C diff is very to get rid of. Be careful of the medication‘s they put you on. And if you test positive for it please have them try to treat you for it. Make sure to take probiotics with your antibiotics. I hope everything turns out OK. Just be careful what you eat and never never get constipated.

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What has your medical team suggestion for the bleeds you experience?