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When do you take the omeprazole? How do you handle the acid reflux during the night?

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For the patient who has had an esophagectomy. Take the omeprazole about 30 minutes prior to eating your morning meal. If your waking hours are daytime and you get up at about 7:00 am, immediately take the omeprazole. About 30 minutes later eat your 1st meal of the day. Your last meal of the day before bedtime should be your smallest and easiest food to digest. Take the 2nd omeprazole 30 minutes before the last meal. Most GI Doc's will say "eat 3 hours before bedtime and that is not enough time for your food to break down and move entirely into the small intestine. You want the feeding tube that replaced the esophagus to be as clear as possible. During the 30 minutes before you recline in bed for your night's sleep, you can chew two or three Tums that will help to reduce the acid in your feeding tube. Your feeding tube is part of your stomach but is verticle in your chest. You no longer have a sphincter valve to reduce the upflow of acid. Reducing acid is important to protect the stub of the esophagus below your throat. Don't bend over right after you eat or your food will come out of your mouth. Your diet must include hi-fiber foods and a cap of Miralax every day. Keeping your bowel movements loose will prevent constipation. Always sleep on an incline with the head of the bed higher than the foot.

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