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Beyond bland diet

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Hi @eviemoulder Welcome to Mayo Connect. This is an online forum where members help each other find answers through sharing their personal experiences. There are a number of fellow members who’ve had colon resections with the same questions and concerns that you’re experiencing. When/what can I eat! 🙃 I’m sure it feels so liberating to have that surgery out of the way but now you want to get back to normal!

Here’s a link to some conversations regarding getting back to a normal diet after a total colonscopy. Though yours wasn’t as extensive, the food intake is similar until you get back to a normal digestive pattern.

-What is a good diet after colon surgery? Are probiotics good?

Articles I’ve found online that might be helpful:

Tips from Very Well Health: https://www.verywellhealth.com/colectomy-postsurgery-diet-instructions-797405

From what I’m understanding, foods that bothered you before the surgery may still be the foods that cause issue after. So be cautious with what you eat, avoiding difficult to digest skins from apples, potatoes, etc. The consensus from a number of sites I researched is that small but more frequent meals are best.

A brief list of foods that are considered “safe” for reintroduction in the world of solid foods after a colon resection. (Avoid cream, oily, greasy, fried, or gassy foods. Best diet plan is a clean eating such as a Mediterranean diet)

1. Chicken
2. Skinless Potatoes
3. Carrots
4. Fish
5. Bananas
6. Skinless apples
7. Peaches
8. Tea, iced or hot

Did your gastroenterologist give you a guide for reintroducing ‘normal’ foods back into your diet?

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