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Craniotomy for meningioma

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Please can meningioma be cured without surgery??

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There are a few different options for meningioma treatment itself. The choice all depends on factors such as location in brain or cord, size and cell type such as benign vs cancer Surgery is one option. Highly precise fine beam radiation surgery that targets only the tumor is another (Gamma knife, etc) Proton beam (non Gamma radiation) applies in some cases.
Then there are cases where the treatment is nothing more than monitoring the tumor over time to observe whether it is changing or not. Some people do not require any treatment!
But there is no medical (medication) treatment for this type of tumor, unfortunately. At least yet.
Meningiomas are typically slow growing. And unless there are urgent symptoms ( impending vision loss for example) they are not an urgent for treatment. Therefore, decisions usually do not have to be made under pressure or without your own research and having opinions from other Drs who specialize in treating these usually benign tumors. These tumors are evaluated by neurosurgeons. Many neurosurgeons across the country will review your MRI photos at no cost and give a bottom line opinion by phone. Most newly diagnosed people seek out the opinions of major + recognized teaching hospitals bc they have the top expertise. All you have to do is identify the best large hospital or tumor institute near you and call them. You usually hear back in days or a week or so. Then you sent your imaging for their review.
You can also call the American Brain Tumor Institute and they will assign a nurse specialist to help you research your options and coordinate your communications and arrangement. This is a completely free service.

No doubt you are going through great stress as your life suddenly changed by this new revelation about your health. My heart goes out to you. This is a time when you have to find inner strength, as well as develop new coping skills to get you through the mental impact of this new aspect of your life.
As you become familiar with what your actual status may be, as will bevshown more fully through the upcoming MRI, things will çome into better focus.
Everyone will agree that you always should get a 2nd opinion and think things over (unless you are told you are in an emergency status, which it seems is not your condition.)
I'm not a Dr and I don't think any post here. We're just people with knowledge gained and our own journey to contribute. This forum is moderated by Mayo Clinic-qualified people with reliable and accurate knowledge+ they post links with helpful and accurate information. They are identified as such.
Receiving a diagnosis as you did at 28 yrs old is alot to cope with. Here's a good question to ask your doctor - " "what will happen if I don't do anything right now." It's a fair question too. You may find out you don't require surgery right now. Some people have meningiomas they live with without any treatment. Many of these tumors are found secondarily to a scan for another reason. Each tumor has it's own characteristics and indicated course of treatment. Your MRI will reveal more important information.
There are Brain Tumor support group in most cities, typically organized in a hospital for in person connection. The American Brain Tumor Association has zoom support meeting w medical ppl often speaking. And there are on-line groups such as this one.
You don't have to go through anything alone or without the input of many other voices.
Meningiomas are very common even though most of us never heard of them before finding out we have one.
Again, my heart goes out to you for the hard impact this revelation has on your young life. But keep a positive outlook and have faith! Often it is the case that things are not as bad as they sound at first.
THE MOST IMPORTANT decision you have to make is being treated by a neurosurgeon with much experience in your tumor and who operates at a highly developed hospital. Even if you are not having surgery and are just under monitoring. Most neurosurgeons will only operate when necessary and will only take on a case to the level of their capability. But you are responsible to insure you connect with the best level of care you can.
If you feel you need greater support, get counseling or faith-based help. If you need something short term for sleep or stress, ask your Dr for that.
Please stay in communication with us. ❤️