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Hello jsto,
Thank you for the information on the diet, I will have to give it a try. I think I’m going to have my primary Dr. order another CT since it’s been since January 2021, hopefully it hasn’t changed. I also wish Mayo would offer a list of theirs that had experience with celiac aneurysms. This is the only forum I have found on celiac aneurysms and wish there was more information available. Also documented cases of VS who have cared for people with celiac aneurysms. I live in Ohio, and may also look into seeing if any of the experienced VS offer virtual appointments. I’m thankful for this site and for everyone posting their stories. I really appreciate your response and suggestions. Please keep me posted on how your doing and if you learn anything new. Thank you!

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Hi @kimberlyh57, I decided to make a virtual appt. with Dr. Mann in Bend, Oregon on the 18th. He offers interventional radiology that "seals" up unruptured aneurysms versus full open surgery which, from what I can tell, most VS won't do until it's quite large. I know there are many places that do interventional radiology, but I like that this doctor has direct experience with the celiac artery – which my primary doctor has recommended I seek out since it's so rare. So we'll see how it goes. I had my third CTA yesterday and the size remains the same at 1.5cm. I sure would like to get it treated instead of waiting and waiting for it to grow. All the best to you!