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PET Results - Pre-potential whipple treatments

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So.... my dads journey started with Jaundice. Leading to Bile duct cancer. He went to Indianpolis to get a stent put in, to keep his bile from closing. Great, Great news! Then, 2 weeks later, he started having stomach issues. he turned yellow again, and was bloating. He then was rushed to Indianapolis again, to find out what was wrong... The tests showed he had a tumor on the head of his pancreas, so we then underwent the whipple procedure. 8 1/2 hours later, he was out. We were told he would be there 8-10 days. He then stayed, 28 days, lost weight, could not eat, could not drink, so much pain. Hey you're cancer free, only 2 out of 32 nodes are positive. The doctor assured us, his pathology report showed no aggressive cancer, and maybe we should do chemo, to make sure it doesnt' come back. 4 weeks later, my mother and father went to Lafayette to a different onocologist, closer to home. hey, did you read the pathology report? yes, we did, cancer free. No, I'm sorry, the pathology report shows you have cancer in the stomach. What? wow... a PET scan should have been done, before we opened up your stomach, to do a Whipple procedure.... Long story short.... My father received the Whipple, and is now stage 4, the cancer has spread throughout his body, and is declining day by day. 3 months. 3 months is all it took, for him to go from normal, to not walking, cant eat, barely talk..... a healthy 67 year old man.... stage 4, pancreas, liver, lungs, kidneys, abdominal walls.....

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I am so sorry. The whole journey with my husband ‘s pancreatic cancer has been a roller coaster ride. Up and down. One step forward, 2 steps back, etc. Every time we got our hopes up, they would be dashed again. He was diagnosed shortly after thanksgiving 2021. We thought he was stage 2 and he tried so hard through both chemo regimens and radiation. Then when they took him in to do the Whipple they found a tumor low in the abdomen. They said he’s stage 4 and no longer a candidate for Whipple. The molecular testing revealed no gene mutations or anything that would make immunotherapy a possibility. So back to chemo (which gave him no quality of life) or just enjoy what time he has left.