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@billchitwood Part of me wants to side with your husband. Regardless of his dementia, its possible that he did not see an improvement with a better fit and better technology. I am tired of the promises from the manufacturers that state their product is best for background noise. They know that is our number one complaint and take advantage of that with their marketing. My hearing loss is hereditary on my fathers side. My dad is 92 and he has dementia. He, too, does not embrace technology. There is a link between hearing loss and dementia so I'm concerned that his dementia may have been delayed if he would have used two hearing aids as he should have. He has two now but I remember when I first got my second aid, he said that it would be a "cold day in hell" before he wore two. Not sure what convinced him to finally get that second aid. Because of his dementia, it makes me want to get a cochlear implant before my hearing is too bad. I'm already in the severe to profound range. I know the CI criteria has changed so I may indeed now be a candidate. I do not understand speech with my hearing aids out but I do like the residual hearing that I have.
Tony in Michigan

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It did improve his hearing a lot - the 'cheap' online ones he kept buying didn't help his understanding at all. A complete waste of not only money but time. Research has been connecting loss of hearing in older people with dementia for various reasons - one being isolation. He refused to interact even with family as he couldn't hear them.

Last night he fell again - INTO the bath tub. After over an hour of attempting to get out of it with me bringing him pillows, towels, etc., he finally conceded and let me call 911. They had him up and out within minutes.