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Anxiety after complete hysterectomy

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@anon808 Oh, my, this sounds frightening and difficult for you. May I ask if the hysterectomy was for a cancer diagnosis? Since you have been diagnosed with DCIS I'm wondering if this most recent surgery (hysterectomy) has overwhelmed you emotionally and that the anxiety you've experienced in the past has taken a huge upswing in intensity.

Can I share a little of my experience of anxiety with you? I've had anxiety and bouts of depression that extend back into my 20's (I'm 70 years old now). Since a diagnosis of uterine cancer in 2019 (hysterectomy) and then a recurrence in late 2021 my anxiety has increased. I'm experiencing the anxiety differently than in the past probably because the circumstances are different and I have more effective ways to accept anxiety in my life than I did in the past.

Do you have a mental health therapist? Are you taking an antidepressant that targets anxiety? I do both of these and these help me a lot.

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I had a complex ovarian cyst, it turned out not to be cancerous, but of course, going into the surgery that was unknown. My surgeon just was of the notion to take everything since I was post menopause. I really did feel good at first. Then a shift happened and now I don’t feel like myself at all. I did have bouts of anxiety and ocd intrusive thoughts in the past but nothing I could not get past. I have a great book that I could work with by Sally Winston. But now i question am I depressed, anxious or both. I started with a talk therapist while I was having this bout of health problems, just to help me with stress. I feel I shifted the focus from stress to anxiety. I’m seeing my pcp Wednesday, my gyn just felt it was not the surgery and was no help. I’m not sure what to expect from him. I wonder if my cortisol is up, I wake up shaky and nauseous. He will probably recommend an antidepressant but I don’t even know where to start. I’m 65. Thanks for responding. I just wish I could turn the switch and go back but now this has started, I’m afraid that’s impossible.