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Thanks for the article Julie. While I think OTC hearing aids were inevitable and a good thing for some people, I also think that too many people will be tempted, even myself with a profound loss, to purchase them online or at a pharmacy. We know that inappropriate sounds can further damage our hearing and I think some will lose more hearing faster if they choose this path.

Imagine buying hearing aids on Amazon or eBay, especially with a guaranteed return policy? How could you not? I know I need custom snug fitting molds.
Maybe I could make my own with a 3 d printer. You can get your own impression kit on Amazon. With the economy the way it is and will continue to be for a while, I think even Costco will lose hearing aid customers, especially as the prices on these OTCs will eventually go down.

People new to hearing loss and aids usually don’t understand all the intricacies involved with a proper fit or even what involves hearing loss. I doubt there will be much education about all that as companies rush in to grab a part of the market. Sounds gloomy but I hope some will be helped.

It’s not all gloomy though, and, at the very least, will bring more people to admit their hearing loss and try them…why not?

FL Mary

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I hear you and feel as you do about this issue. It is going to work well for some people, but others will be disappointed. There is always a chance of being taken advantage of with false promises.

Like you, and most other people with severe hearing loss, I have a custom fit ear mold. Everyone's ear canal is unique and fitting one of these requires skill. Once fit well, those ear molds stay securely in the ear.

Now, so many hearing aids are fit with 'domes' that are not custom fit. While they must work OK, I wonder if they truly can replace the custom fit. I say this because I often see people with hearing aids on who have the domes out of place. They pop out of the ear canal because they can. These domes are one of the reasons why OTC hearing aids can exist.

I don't know if any of the OTC aids will have telecoils. I wonder what kind of return policies will be included in sales. It is going to be interesting to get feedback from the people who buy them.

For many this will be an entry level device that will help. Most hearing loss is progressive, so hopefully they will pursue better products in time,

I guess we have to give it a chance and wait and see.

Do you think the instructions and/or printing on the package of these OTC devices will be large enough for people to read?