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My partner has a similar tendency to “blow up”. He is not physically violent, but he is very fast to curse and yell when something bothers him. A stubbed toe generates enough noise to make me come running for fear he’s broken a limb, or chopped off a finger. I find myself telling him that the driver that cut him off is not the one he is punishing since I am the person he is exposing to his rage. It has taken years, but at this stage, I can usually get him to cut the yelling short. That said, I am with him for the long term as he has many good qualities, which are not diminished by a few flaws. I adore him… after more than ten years and two kids! However, if you feel the need to leave, you should not let financial concerns hold you back. If you do, then, you are staying from fear, not love, and that will color your whole experience of the relationship, making it that much harder for you to tolerate his flaws. If finances are really the issue, be creative. You probably have a friend or family member that will help with a loan, of letting you stay with them for a while. It really sounds like your situation could become toxic, and I empathize. Going back to school might give you some breathing space, as well as some added skills. Really take a good objective look at where you are, and where you want to be. It may be that a few small (or even major changes) will completely alter your mind-set. Sinking into depression is like falling into quicksand.
I hope this has given you some hope, or a few good ideas. Cheers – NN

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May I ask you some questions. What if he come fight with you , always chose some words to break your heart, because he knows you very well so those words could be really hurts