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@rene1636, you’ve received great replies regarding osteoporosis and radiation. I’d like to address the heart issues.

Mayo Clinic offers a program to address heart problems associated with cancer treatment called cardio-oncology. The Cardio-Oncology Clinic (https://www.mayoclinic.org/departments-centers/cardio-oncology-clinic/overview/ovc-20442193) evaluates people prior to cancer treatment and patients who have experienced side effects due their treatment. Other cancer centers may have a similar program.

You might also want to ask about Integrative Medicine too. There is an incredibly long list of natural substances that have been tested for their estrogen inhibiting qualities. Just scrolling through this journal article made my head spin:
– Natural Products as Aromatase Inhibitors https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3074486/

Anyone who is considering a non-synthetic aromatase inhibitor should talk to someone qualified in an Integrative Cancer Care specifically. Here's more information about integrative medicine and cancer care at Mayo for example:
– Integrative medicine https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/complementary-alternative-medicine/about/pac-20393581

Cancer care is a team effort and it’s hard to be the coach, referee as well as the quarterback when you’re also the patient.

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Thank you for this information! There was never a truer statement than what you said about being the coach, referee and the quarterback!!! Very well said! That’s exactly what it feels like while trying to figure out all the variables, doctors & treatments available to help me advocate for my healthcare. It’s exhausting, both mentally & physically. I really wish I was closer to a Mayo Clinic but unfortunately I’m in the Midwest. We do have Siteman Cancer Center locally & they have Cardio Oncologist’s on staff. My husband passed from cancer in 2015 & he received very good care at Siteman. At the time of my DCIS diagnosis I wasn’t thinking clearly or I would have gone there to begin with. Once I get the Oconotype for DCIS results & see the Cardiologist, I’m planning on going there if needed to see what’s suggested & probably continue my care. Part of my issue is that I don’t feel like I have a “team”. Currently, my Oncologist is deciding what she thinks I need. Each doctor feels like just a piece of the puzzle when not having the entire picture to work with so the pieces aren’t fitting. Thank you also for the information on Integrative Cancer Care! I’ve seen some posts about proven natural alternatives for estrogen suppression & I will definitely check into the information! I truly believe that the more educated we are, the better we can advocate for our healthcare.

I am grateful for the link to the article about natural products as aromatase inhibitors, but I hope more research and publications have appeared on this important topic since 2008. If anyone has links to more recent pubs, thanks in advance!