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I’m glad you kept on them. We need to be advocating for ourselves. I was having sciatica pain so my GP scheduled an MRI so I could get injections. My MRI showed a mass on my left ovary. I’ve since had 2 more MRIs with contrast and an ultrasound which shows a complex cyst which contains protein and blood as well as multilocular. I’m confused by these descriptions but my GP sent me to a Gyn/Onc. He states my lesion is suspicious so I’m having surgery in 10 days to remove everything as well as a lymph node to be tested while I’m under anesthesia. I also show a small lesion on my right ovary as well as my Fallopian tube and fibroids in my uterus. This is definitely a trying time not to mention I live in SW Florida and just lost everything due to being flooded by hurricane Ian. I’m sorry for all the stories of heartache and stress but find this forum very helpful and comforting at the same time. Knowing you’re not alone in this process is very reassuring. Thank you for being here to guide and inform. I wish everyone good health and recovery

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I hope whatever is going on will be found to be something minimal and easy to address. Dealing with this on top of those floods cannot be easy, I am so sorry.

I am glad you are seeing a gynOnc for this, specialties really seem to matter in our case. If they have not yet done CA125 and HE4 perhaps ask for one to have at least for your baseline.