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Thanks for the questions. Rezum has good longer term data now showing retreatment required in about 10% of patients after 4 years (half restart medications, the other half undergo an additional procedure). This is very comparable to other technologies or approaches including TURP and laser therapy etc. Rezum can be done in the office for some patients and has the benefit of having low risk of causing sexual side effects. In my practice, all patients keep a catheter for at least 3 days after Rezum with that duration increasing based on prostate size, number of steam treatments required and baseline bladder strength. The reason why is that the procedure causes some inflammation in the area but the treatments do not immediately remove tissue like traditional laser or TURP procedures. Peak treatment effect typically occurs 4-6 weeks after treatment. Based on our experience over the last 5 years in Rochester, the vast majority would opt to undergo the procedure again (97%). It is very important to be proactive with prostate and bladder health - 1 in 7 men come to the Urologist with a bladder (the urine pump) that is already very weak - this limits your surgical options and sometimes forces men to catheterize to empty their bladders. With lower risks of new prostate procedures such as Rezum, I believe healthcare needs to shift patients away from long term prostate medications which may not prevent the bladder from getting weaker.

Keep the questions coming,

Dr Kohler

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Hello Dr Kohler. Thank you for a doctor's experience with many patients performing the Rezum procedure. However, what might also be as valuable information to new patients contemplating having the procedure done are reputable websites with patient reviews of their own personal experience with Rezum both short and long term after having it done.
Of course you need hundreds of patients recounting their experiences to begin to get a sense of the best to the worst outcomes and everything in between. (Bobweb, retired engineer)

Thank you for your thoughtful and comprehensive response. A 97% satisfaction is very impressive. I conclude that for me, REZUM is my #1 option. Will keep you posted. Thanks again.

Dr. Kohler,

You described Holep procedure and used example of an orange and rind.

Question I have is:

Does using the laser remove all or portions of the uretha and what are the implications of this short and long term? I am considering laser.

Thank you

Dr. Kohler,

Sounds like REZUM does not work if 10% redo the procedure and the rest either go back on meds or opt for a different procedure.