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Hi @kimberlyh57, that's frustrating. I too saw a local VS and while he showed some concern, it wasn't what I expected and basically just said to have another CT in a few months and we'll go from there. I also saw a GI specialist to see if those issues were related to the celiac aneurysm and he said "it's hard to tell". So he started me on a low FODMAP diet which has helped some. Would your primary Dr. be able to send your images to another VS and have a virtual appointment? I might go that route eventually. I read through this entire forum and gathered names of Vascular Surgeons across the country who are familiar with our condition. It would also be great if Mayo provided a list of theirs who have direct experience with celiac aneurysms. I tried calling, but didn't get anywhere.

Dana Mann, MD – Bend Oregon
Dr. Marshall Dines – Advocate Hospital (Lutheran General) Park Redige, IL
Paul DiMuzio, MD, FACS – Philadelphia, Pa
Dr. Lee Centennial Hospital – Nashville
Dr. Jay Vasquez Vascular surgeon – Dallas
Timothy M. Sullivan – Abbott Northwestern Hospital Bozeman, MT

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Hello jsto,
Thank you for the information on the diet, I will have to give it a try. I think I’m going to have my primary Dr. order another CT since it’s been since January 2021, hopefully it hasn’t changed. I also wish Mayo would offer a list of theirs that had experience with celiac aneurysms. This is the only forum I have found on celiac aneurysms and wish there was more information available. Also documented cases of VS who have cared for people with celiac aneurysms. I live in Ohio, and may also look into seeing if any of the experienced VS offer virtual appointments. I’m thankful for this site and for everyone posting their stories. I really appreciate your response and suggestions. Please keep me posted on how your doing and if you learn anything new. Thank you!