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Hi it’s been awhile since I posted, January 3, 2021. They found my celiac aneurysm, which I was told was a fusiform 1cm celiac aneurysm.
They sent me to a vascular surgeon who sent me to another. When I seen the 2nd vascular surgeon she played it down and actually only spent a few minutes with me. She said there is nothing to worry about unless it is 3-5cm and didn’t even recommend any f/u CT’s. I tried putting it in the back of my mind and tried not thinking about it. From what I have read her recommendation don’t come close to what others are recommending. I’m not sure what to do. I’m thinking of contacting my primary Dr to have order another CT to see if there has been any growth. I have a lot of the GI issues that others have had. I’m at a loss on what steps to take. I question the advice the vascular surgeon gave me. Did anyone else have a hard time finding someone who knowledgeable about celiac aneurysms? Thanks!

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Hi @kimberlyh57, that's frustrating. I too saw a local VS and while he showed some concern, it wasn't what I expected and basically just said to have another CT in a few months and we'll go from there. I also saw a GI specialist to see if those issues were related to the celiac aneurysm and he said "it's hard to tell". So he started me on a low FODMAP diet which has helped some. Would your primary Dr. be able to send your images to another VS and have a virtual appointment? I might go that route eventually. I read through this entire forum and gathered names of Vascular Surgeons across the country who are familiar with our condition. It would also be great if Mayo provided a list of theirs who have direct experience with celiac aneurysms. I tried calling, but didn't get anywhere.

Dana Mann, MD – Bend Oregon
Dr. Marshall Dines – Advocate Hospital (Lutheran General) Park Redige, IL
Paul DiMuzio, MD, FACS – Philadelphia, Pa
Dr. Lee Centennial Hospital – Nashville
Dr. Jay Vasquez Vascular surgeon – Dallas
Timothy M. Sullivan – Abbott Northwestern Hospital Bozeman, MT