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Hello Pablo81! It can be overwhelming when trying to figure out what to do. I’m a believer in multiple opinions as my BPH experience ultimately led me to have the HOLEP procedure to reduce the size of my prostate, performed at the Mayo Clinic. I had a Urologist tell me that Rezum was right for me…when it wasn’t. When I found a Urologist that performed nearly all of the procedures out there, he ruled out all procedures and said “there’s only one procedure for you and I can’t perform it”…. it was a load off my mind. He referred me to the Mayo Clinic. Because you’ve had Radiation, your oncologist should weigh in and offer some guidance to help. Find the best Doctors, get their opinion! Best of luck friend!

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Kayak461's experience with doctors is similar to my own. Why choose one doctor who is performing all Rezum procedures (for example) unless you've already been to a medical institution (such as the Mayo Clinic) with hundreds of doctors with many who specialize in your particular medical problem and who work as teams of doctors first deciding how to treat your particular case? However I can understand not living close to lots of renowned hospitals etc as I do and not being able to travel to one.

Thank you. I have looked in to available therapies and have landed on REZUM because it seems to be an elegant procedure with very low risk and few if any side effects. Can be done in office in minutes and leaves prostate sack intact. Trying to confirm with patients who have done it. Not surprised to hear they are looking into using it for cancer.


You may be confusing me with someone else. I have not had radiation. I have looked in to other procedures such as Urolift and Laser but ruled them out because of various concerns and side effects. Rezum seems like best approach since it can be done without general anesthesia and is a quick, simple procedure that is safe and effective based upon long term study. Additionally it can be repeated and does not preclude other treatments.

Are you saying HOLEP did not work? Ouch!