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Alpha lipoic acid for Neuropathy

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Welcome @bjbates53, The protocol of supplements I take for my neuropathy include - R-ALA which some members of our group have had stomach issues when starting out. They have a document with ramp-up instructions for the ALA dosage that has helped them get to the therapeutic dose of R-ALA that we take in the protocol which is 1200 mg (two 300 mg capsules in the morning and two in the evening). I attached a copy of the document that you might find helpful. I normally take a small bite of a banana if my stomach is queasy when I'm taking my supplements.

I posted my story earlier on Connect here - https://connect.mayoclinic.org/comment/310341/.

They also have members with CIDP that have found the protocol helpful. There is a discussion on the protocol here with links to the groups website and Facebook page.
-- Have you tried the new Protocol 525 product for neuropathy relief?:

How large of a dose of ALA do you take? Also, is it R-ALA or does it include S-ALA (synthetic)?

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Sorry for the late response. I just now saw your post. The protocol is very intriguing. I will give that serious consideration. I did find a time release ALA tablet, but alas, although the stomach upset was not as severe as it was with the capsules it is still significant enough that I will not be able to take it. So sad about that. It doesn't say on the label if it is R-ALA so I have to assume it isn't. I have always taken R in the past and could not tolerate it either. I took prescription PodiaPN a few years ago with phenomenal results on my neuropathy. It contained methylfolate, B6 and R-ALA. About 6 weeks in, I began to experience severe heartburn and have had reflux ever since. I don't blame the beginnings of GERD on the med but it certainly exacerbated it. By the way, I've always taken one 600 mg capsule.