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A lot of good post that capture the patient impact. When reading the article I first noticed that only Mayo patients could participate in their upcoming study. This was similar to my request to get into the NIH Long Covid study - they only wanted participants close to their facilities so being sick in Northeast Connecticut precludes me from virtually all studies because of convivence of the program. If I lived in Boston, DC or NY no problem but apparently, I was discriminated on the basis of milage. Additionally, to get into a long covid recovery you have to have a referral from your primary care doctor to get in (Apparently the requirement of the care provider - not my insurance) and I have a doctor that believes in the stick your head in the sand to see if it goes away rather than actually do anything to investigate or treat it. So many of us are sitting around imagining our lives are quickly being extinguished while the medical industry sits back and does nothing.

Is this a huge conspiracy as one poster implies? Is it a political position to hide the impact and cost of actually investigating and treating long covid because if it became public, reelection would be doubtful, or is it insurance related to keep their expenses down or finally is it the ineptness of our Medical field that prevents them from exploring and doing even the most minimal effort to acknowledge and basically suggest potential mitigation.

Has anyone out there been given even the slightest investigative testing, a placebo, or even the minimal non evasive treatment to mitigate the symptoms, much less cure them?

Covid made the top 3 "Killers List" behind Heart Atack and Cancer last year - If you were found to a potential candidate for either of the number 1 or 2 on this list - do you think your doctor would be advising you to -"lets not verify it - why don't we sit around and do nothing - I'll see you in three months - you can pay the bill at the front desk on your way out." And one wonders why we are upset.

Treatment update - my pcp eventually gave me a referral to a Neurologist Physc on Monday - can't wait ask him the same questions and see if he has a kumbaya feel good cure.

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I've had basic tests and they all come back normal my GP sends me to the neurologist they do more tests that's fine then my neurologist sends me back to the GP then the GP sends me back to the neurologist back and forth back and forth four times. Wasted my money and time