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Hi, @medical01 Can you tell me where this information is from? I had surgery and chemotherapy (taxotere and cytoxan) ending the last of January 2022 after a triple-negative diagnosis a year ago. I am trying to be realistic going forward, which means finding out the full extent of what I *can* know about risks and statistics while still nurturing a life-affirming attitude so I can make the best use of my time every day. While I can't know my own future health, it does help my perspective to to be as aware as possible of the medical facts as they stand at the present time. That's the long way around the core of my question, which is this: I am just wondering where your information is from. As I have searched to find out prognosis statistics on triple-negative breast cancer, I have found Mayo's online information to be the most straightforward and least patronizing, which I appreciate as a patient. (I live in Washington state, so I am unbiased in terms of my care team having no affiliation with Mayo!) But you have some details in this write-up I have not seen before, although admittedly it has been a couple of months since I have done intensive searching--and besides, I am a layperson and thus I don't have quite the same access to medical details as a professional! Anyway, I appreciate what you have shared and would be interested in what I can find out further. For instance: One question I'd ask if you are "in the business" is what's the backstory on Zometa (zoledronic acid), which I am being given every six months for two years following the end of my chemo. My oncologist says it will reduce the chance of a metastasis by 1%. I'll take any reduction, but I am wondering if the Zometa's effect is primarily seen in reducing the likelihood of cancer in bone instead of in other areas.

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I am a firm believer in Zometa (let me just say that out of the gate). I had the attitude that I would do anything to increase the risk of recurrence, anytime, anywhere (and that's one of them). The major downside is the inability to receive dental care while on it (at least around here). I finished my 6th infusion 6 months ago, and will be going to a med/dental hospital for overdue oral surgery (secondary to the chemo I had in 2019). My oncologist wanted me to wait a full 6 mos. Yes, Zometa has recently been shown to have tumor suppression properties in the bone. Initially it was prescribed for bone strength.