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Breast cancer-free anniversaries

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@callalloo : All I can say is “ditto”! Same thing, because of COVID I let 18 months go by before routine mammogram. You guessed it: suspicious finding, ultrasound, biopsy, lumpectomy, 4 (negative) lymph nodes removed. I would have to look up all the abbreviations, but in a nutshell 12mm, mostly contained, hormone positive, Onco type 9. So with discussion with oncologist and radiologist’s input I decided against chemo (no question), and radiation (some hesitation, but benefit would be minute, supposedly), but did decide to go on Letrozole. All of this started in May of 2021, so now I’m post 18 months. Saw my oncologist for routine visit yesterday, everything fine. Mammogram and ultrasound at 12 months was fine as well. Seroma 90% gone. And the mental stress and worry has eased up a lot, although the cancer will always be somewhere on my mind. Not obsessing, but more aware of my body in general.

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Can you tell me about the seroma being 90% gone? Is that from your subjective perspective (or was there some medical measurement?) Just curious because I am trying to stay on top of the seroma and lymphedema situation myself.