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Hi. So I take LDN and have for a few years. The thing with it is it actually works holistically. In a very low dose, it shuts down your adrenals for about 3 hours while you sleep. After that your endorphins kick into high gear and becomes the response similar to a runners high. Helping reduce pain. It's so cheap, no drug companies want to do research! There is lots written about it online and millions are starting to take it. It's been known to cure Parkinsons, MS and even some cancers. There is a huge long list of medical problems it's been thought to help. It resets your adrenal glands. There is a pharmacist in FL who has his whole family on it. I spoke with him for an hour as I researched it for nearly a year before stating it.

You can't take any pain medicine when on it as this low dose med blocks the effects. I came off for surgery and didn't get right back on so now I've been on it for almost two years again. It's definitely worth looking into if you treasure wholism. Our adrenals are a mess. All of us. More and more illnesses are being found to be autoimmune. This is a really good treatment worth trying for autoimmune conditions. It's just been approved for CRPS for which there is no treatment. Helps fibro etc. I don't know about this study but please research it and don't eliminate it thinking it just another drug. It's an anti-drug when used in tiny doses. It kind of functions like a homeopathic in my mind. Give a little to spark a response. Check it out, seriously. NOT the 50mg! And naltrexone 50mg is not used to reverse and overdose. Totally different drug. This is taken daily like the old Antabuse when the person has to want to stop using but it's the anti-methadone.

People who take the full 50 can actually die trying to get high. You can't get high on it so the chances of an overdose is higher as they can "die trying." You have to be willing to quick all opioids to use it.

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I'm glad people are seeing good results from this drug. It sounds like one of the rare few that might actually treat a root cause (perhaps over-stimulation/exhaustion of the adrenals?) and that's great.

The same result could probably be found by changing lifestyle and diet. I've known people who have revered MS and other auto-immune conditions -- a lot of it is diet. Yes, our adrenals are a mess. It's not a surprise. We are an over-taxed, over-stimulated, over-worked, over-caffeinated culture. People push themselves to the absolute limit before even thinking of making a change. Of course we have physical and emotional burn out, and our bodies are merely showing us that something is very out of balance when various conditions arise. Treating THIS root cause (the mental, emotional and spiritual) would really be fantastic, because we are complex creatures -- not just physical bodies. But any step in the right direction is a good one, just don't forget mental and emotional health too. It's all connected.