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XANAX withdrawal

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Hi. I am down to 1 mg of valium, and it is a nightmare. At age 70, I am dependent on this drug. I, too was about 38 when I started and have been taking it on and off all these years. When I was younger, I just quit taking it and had no noticeable withdrawal symptoms. I tried going down to 1/2 mg and I was very, very sick and could not sleep which is the worst.
How do you "shave off" 1/8 mg? I had to guesstimate using a medicine cutter from 1 ,g to 1/2 and I know there were times when it was 1/2 more or less. An accurate method is what I am looking for. I'm ready to try to taper again.

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Valium does come in liquid. You might talk to your doctor about prescribing the liquid. It comes with a marked dropper and would be really accurate.

My doctors are so sick of me griping about being on it that they actually told me to attempt to withdraw very slowly on my own. I take 0.5 tablets and break those in half and then I take the half and break it in half getting 1/8 mg. I just do it with my fingers because it's more accurate that way. I've also discovered that taking chamomile tea while I am attempting to withdraw really helps. Hugs for you.