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Breast cancer-free anniversaries

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I had my first annual post lumpectomy mammogram, ultrasound and physical exam by oncologist and all seems fine. (I do have a small seroma which is self-resolving we think.) I didn't think I was at all worried but the good news was a relief so was likely suppressing some fear?

For those interested, my backstory was a Bad News Biopsy a year ago last week. Followed by the surreal world of surgery, cancer treatment info overload, falling into online cancer research rabbit holes and trying to make wise decisions. [Which I feel, a year later, I did do so consider that my brain was working though those first months are a blur in the rear view mirror of time now.] I had a Stage 1A tumor, ER+, P+, HER2- 9mm tumor (including clean margins of 1+mm) and a clean sentinel node biopsy. I am very grateful that an OncotypeDX test was appropriate and yielded a very low risk of recurrence so ruled out chemo. [I did not have radiation or adjuvant anti-hormone therapy either for personally-specific reasons.]

I hope that others passing cancer milestones along the way check in and share their good news.

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You had very tiny tumor. Glad that you discovered it early.

Congratulations! It is so strange to hear all the information women have today when theit tumor is discovered, and to hear the yearly celebrations, and discussions regarding treatment. I was 36 when I discovered a lump in my left breast. I was fortunate, in that I had a husband who insisted I see a doctor right away (and I also had worked for a doctor for a long time). Things were very different then, no x rays, Biopsy was done at the time of surgery. If Biopsy was positive the breast was removed. It was thought I might have a positive lymph node, so a radical breast removal was done. It was found later the node was negative. No chemo (none was given at that time) and radiation was given only if there were positive lymph nodes. I had the second breast removed two years later, due to the constant need for biopsies. (Biopsies were actual surgery no needle biopsies). No follow up medications. In some ways I think we were lucky, one major surgery and then on with life.

Today, I guess I would say I am celebrating my 56th anniversary, free of Breast Cancer. Think how much medicine has progressed. How wonderful it is, that breast cancer can be found so much earlier, treated to much quicker, and with such wonderful success, and the BIG ONE, without the need to remove a large portion of the female body.

God bless you, may you find joy, peace, and happiness all the rest of your life, and may your children always be aware of the Gift of life that was given to there mother.