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Breast cancer/Radiation/Tooth Problems

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I’ve had constant dental issues since my breast cancer 4 yrs ago. Last year dental surgery on gums which cost $1,765! This year by the time I’m finished with all the dental work it will cost me well over $9,000! I dropped my dental insurance because it’s really not worth it. I had to go on Anastrozole estrogen blocker since diagnosed & have one more year left. It’s attacking my bones & teeth! I refuse to do the shot for osteoporosis which is known to cause a serious disease of the gums.

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I just want to clarify some things. The osteoporosis drugs that are associated with causing osteonecrosis (aka "dead bone") and lesser damage to the jaw bone are the bisphosphonates (Fosamax, etc.) and include Prolia which has some bisphosphonate activities. There are a few other osteoporosis drugs given by injection or infusuon or infusion that are not bisphosphonates and not showing any correlation with jaw bone destruction. (So far?)

So not all "shots" for osteoporosis are an issue with this side effect.

Also, we lose jaw bone over time from just plain aging. The same as osteoporosis and diminished estrogen levels with menopause or procedures that affect estrogen levels.

My prosthodontist has also seen a lot of first-time teeth and gum issues since covid hit. He's not sure if it's related to the covid-caused lockdown, when a lot of people skipped routine appointments, or if the vaccinations play a part in this. So, while the bisphosponates are a concern, they are not the only factors at play. Add the stress of covid and its affect on everyone's life and newly-diagnosed teeth grinding (brusixm) and teeth have had a harder time lately.