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I agree that it is very disturbing that we can't rely 100% on testing. What I am saying is that they don't recommend people with my tumor get the Oncotype test done because the tumor size that was studied started at 1cm and mine was 8mm. T1bN0 Cancer stage was not part of the Tailor X and so most doctors don't order the Oncotype or shall I say it has been published that doctors should not order an Oncotype for T1bN0.

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The TailorX trial didn't determine who gets the Oncoty[e test. It helped determine whether chemo was beneficial for intermediate scores. But it makes sense to read that your tumor was small enough that an Oncotype was not ordered. I have read that it is intended for tumors smaller than 5cm.

But here is the study you cited that showed that 97% of patients with T1bN0 stage 1A cancers had Oncotype scores under 25, so Oncotypes do not need to be done (but there is that 3%).

I had a tumor size of 9mm including clean margins. It was E+, P+ and HER2-. And stage 1A with negative sentinel node biopsy and fit the parameters for the OncotypeDX, which I had after consulting with two oncologists. Our situations seem similar. What made yours inappropriate for the OncotypeDX? If you're referring to that test as there are other Oncotype tests that tend to have similar names (and I find confusing).