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Reclast and Omeprazole

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I was on Actonel for 10 years and developed Barretts esophagus. I was given 80 mg/day omeprazole for 1 year along with a diet of no gluten, dairy, citrus, coffee, tea or any foods that were acidic. Three months into this protocol, I was experiencing excess hair loss and my nails were breaking. I also developed diarrhea and very smelly gas. Basically, I was eating chicken, fish and greens. Harder to digest foods were off limits, like legumes and cruciferous vegetables. I learned that to fix one problem, you create others. I feel my body did not get sufficient nutrition when stomach acid was shut down to heal the esophagus. I lost bone when I had a dexa a couple of years later. If I had to do again, I would have asked a nutritionist to manage my diet and possibly get vitamin infusions during the course of treatment. I hope that things work out for you. These treatment decisions are not easy to make.

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Mistea I have had ahalf my stomack out 45 years ago that is why I have osteoporosis I was good for 15 years than had stomack problems again I started taking wheat grass daily and it cured the stomack problems now I juice 50 oz a vegetables daily it is GREAT GREAT But a pain in the ass and expensive Good luck!!!

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. Since I last posted, I went to my GP, sort as a tie-breaker/second opinion on the Endocrinologist and GI recommendations. She said she does not like to have any of her patients on long term Omeprazole due to calcium and vitamin deficiencies it causes. She explained that my biopsy was actually inconclusive for Barretts and told me to take the Omeprazole for 3 months and ween off it. She also recommended DGL - deglycyrrhizinated Licorice tabs 1 - 2 a day, before meals, which she herself takes and recommends to other patients. With no definitive diagnosis of Barretts, and no dysplasia, she suggested Fosamax, not Reclast and is referring me to a Rheumatologist who treats osteoporosis. Since I know that I tolerated Fosamax in the past, that's probably how I'll go if the endrocrinologist or Reumatologist will prescribe it. Keeping my fingers crossed.
I sincerely hope that your problems are resolving and you are on the mend!