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More information for you about research on covid boosters done by son, MD. 50% receiving booster have no improvement but are protected from another infection. 30-40% have an improvement in their symptons after receiving the booster. It may be the booster ramps up the immune system to rid the body of lingering virus. 10% will actually get worse following the booster.
From a purely statistical standpoint there's a 90% chance you'll either get better or stay the same with the booster but you will be protected from future infections. I will still wait to see what my internist says when I see her on Oct, 10.

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Thanks. Would appreciate references/links as to any studies...

I got advice from several medical professionals about getting the booster. I have been slowly improving since August 2020. I think the POTS exercise program has helped. I got the booster last Thursday and about 12 hours later I had major body aches, possibly a fever. Then, like magic and like every booster, flu shot, shingles vaccine, etc. I've had, the aches were gone another 12 hours after the onset. I'd rather be safe than sorry. If I get COVID again, I don't want to end up in the hospital.

Thank you for this information. I have had Covid 2x and severe long-haul and will not be taking any boosters or additional doses. Some people get better from the boosters, and some people get incredibly worse again (if they have already had Covid). Some people get Covid symptoms from the vaccines themselves... I am certainly not going to take the risk. Plus the severity is reducing with each strain, so clearly this is just going to be part of our day to day life now. It is far more important to boost the immune system naturally and keep it strong.