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I had covid in February and had lethargy, some breathing issues for a couple of months. I felt like I was trying to manage a recalcitrant teenager! I live at 2600 ft, and took a trip to Italy at sea level. It did wonders and I could breathe much better. My PCP told me I was good until November, but I am getting the new booster next week. Several people on my April tour did get covid, but I did not! So, I think having had it gives you a better immunity along with the previous boosters. I am glad the new variant booster came out, certainly was not going to get the previous version.

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Happy for you! However, the vaccines do not prevent Covid. They do lessen the severity. Some people have such mild symptoms, they don’t even know they have it (the latest one). I had Covid three times. No one in our household caught it the first two times (worst ones). The last time, my son & I had it. Neither of us are vaccinated. My husband was not vaccinated until after I had the first 2 variants. His job required it, so he eventually gave in. He and his Dad (both got vaccines) have had long lasting side effects (digestive) since they were vaccinated. Everyone’s immune system handles things differently. I have had friends who had one child get Covid, everyone else was sick with same symptoms, but tested negative. There really is no way to predict how your body will react to the vaccines or Covid variants. Kid of a crap shoot. Hugs!