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Neuropathy caused by toxins, poisons and chemicals

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John - went back and found this post. I had an appointment yesterday with my neurologist and this time, we spent an hour discussing current symptoms and we got into my past. I have idiopathic axonal sensory motor PN and we went over about 6 or 7 of the most common causes. I guess the doc had a little extra time on this appointment! Nothing peeked my doc's interest until we got to subject of toxins and all of a sudden, there was interest. In our small town, when I was a kid back in the late 50's and into the 60's, during the summer months, many seaside towns would spray for bugs and there is a possibility that the toxins used back then could be a cause for polyneuropathy. Many kids back then would chase down "the sprayer machine" not knowing then how it could impact their life now. Just thought I'd share what I found out. Possible? Doc thinks so. If my doctor is right, I can't be the only one.

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Hi Ed, It's good to hear you peeked your doc's interest. There are a lot of toxins that we used with much abandon in the old days. I remember the old orange grove smudge pots growing up in California. Going to school breathing that junk on cold mornings and blowing your nose only to see all that dark junk come out.

Never chased any sprayers but in the old days planes would fly over large communities and spray for mosquitoes which affected anyone in the area. Hoping you find some answers from your doc.

Well Ed - I'll google for kicks. Today we hear a lot (whether true or false) about Round-up and things, so why not old mosquito sprays? Growing up on the Delmarva peninsula, I was in a mosquito infested environment being so close to the Chesapeake Bay, Ocean, and marshland. And yes, we kids loved to chase mosquito spray trucks (in the 60's & 70"s) and inhale the fumes. I personally am a live mosquito magnet wherever I live, so I've lived with constant layers of OFF on my body and endured many mosquito bites. Interesting thought.. Debbie