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traceyjhp (@traceyjhp)

Anyone here with Hurthle Cell (Oncocytic) Carcinoma?

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I was diagnosed with Hurthle cell carcinoma in July. If you find a specialist please share the contact. I can’t shake the cough and sore throat from surgery and the doctors just say it’s not related…. However I left the hospital with it!

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Welcome @koh and @cnicole.
Koh, I can see that you, like @traceyjhp, are looking for experts specializing in Hurthle cell carcinoma. If Mayo Clinic might be an option for you, you can request an appointment at any of our 3 locations. Click this link to get started either using the online form or calling: http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63

Nicole, it is hard not to worry about the possibility of cancer spreading. Deep breath and one step at a time. (I know - easy for me to say, right?). It sounds like you had a successful thyroidectomy. Radioactive iodine therapy may be recommended after surgery as extra assurance that all cancer cells have been destroyed. Radioactive iodine therapy can help destroy any remaining any traces of cancer that may not be indicated on tests. This doesn't necessarily mean it has spread.

If there are traces of cancer in the lymph nodes that would be an indicator that it has started to spread beyond the thryoid gland. Did they also remove lymph nodes during the surgery?

That’s interesting that they told you it wasn’t related. My surgeon expressly stated that is a normal side effect and that it should resolve in 3-4 months but if it persists beyond that, I might need speech pathology. I’ve found several sources that said the same. Good news is it pretty much gets me out of talking in meetings but bad news is I can’t hit those high notes in the shower or car…