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Continuous tummy pain post covid

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Thank you @darladarla for your kind words and glad to hear you are doing so well. She was already put on antibiotics after having her appendix removed. I'm having the same problem, some Dr's don't take it seriously, buy luckily a few do. She is pending some more tests with another digestive Dr but just a long wait for tests,...

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I’m having what sounds similar: extreme stomach burning for hours after I eat, and diarrhea 5-7 times/day. I didn’t have this before Covid. I just retired in May and no way could I teach high school with these symptoms!

I also “had” extreme thirst that could not be satiated. I read doctors think the thirst and stomach pain may be related to Ace receptors that Covid attaches to. Apparently there are many of them in the mouth and the gut.

I also read the Ace receptors might become inflamed and that might affect the gut bacteria negatively.

I’ll look for links to those articles and try to post them here. I’m sure her Dr. is on top of it, but it doesn’t hurt for patients to also know and ask questions. I think they take you more seriously

I’m so sorry to hear of your daughter’s pain. I can’t imagine how she feels. When it starts, I’m literally on the sofa for hours. IDK if it’s Dr. approved, but a heating pad has eased my pain a little. I take Fentanyl for my RA and it doesn’t even touch the stomach pain, so I totally agree that pain meds don’t help. I’ve also been through counselor pain therapy. Not helpful.

My Covid headache is gone now, thankfully. It was brutal and unrelenting, way worse than my migraines. If that’s the same headache your daughter has, she’s in a ton of pain. That kid is dealing with a lot. Sending hugs.