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how to wean off lexapro 10 mg

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I came across your post when looking for guidance on my son being weaned off his escitalopram (Lexapro). We've been weaning him off even slower than his CRNP felt necessary to avoid withdrawal symptoms and it's just been rough. He's more anxious and depressed than ever and easily agitated. He just feels hopeless and broken. Did you succeed at getting off the medication and do you have any suggestions on what helped you through it? I wish there was something that could be taken to help buffer the process but not cause it's own side effects or addiction.

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I successfully weaned off Lexapro 10 mg after being on it for more than ten years. I followed the advice on the website "surviving antidepressants" — which is to ONLY lower the dose by 10% every two to three weeks. I lowered dosage every three weeks. It did take a year, but I had no side effects. (I am depressed ON Lexapro, so I see no reason to take it — I used mindfulness, exercise, meditation to help with depression.) I would suggest taking a course in mindfulness or Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. I went through a trauma four years ago and was put back on Lexapro — I am now in my second week of doing the 10% dosage reduction. Lexapro is available as a liquid so it makes reductions of 10% easy. Right now I am taking 4 ml liquid and 5 mg pill (half the 10mg pill). When I got down to 5 mg I did not stick to the 10% reduction, but did a more convenient titration since I was traveling.

I can provide my titration schedule if that would help.