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Problem with Chronic constipation

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With a diagnosis of obstipation, I have been advised by my current gi to use Miralax daily and she also ordered Motegrity which I have not yet tried.

Does anyone else have any experience with Motegrity?

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I use Linzess. It sometimes works. I have IBS-C. I’ve had a Sitz study which confirms sluggish colon. I still have to take Magnesium by mouth, and a dose of miralax each evening. I also have to drink 4 large glasses of water when I take the Linzess and eat exactly half hour after taking it. Say good by to eating breakfast out ever! Also, it may not kick in for 1-3 hours later. It’s hard to get to work on time and I’m up at 5am and take my Linzess then and eat at 5:30 am. Im having a repeat Colonoscopy and an EGD next month and I will ask my GI Dr if he has some samples of Montegrity to try. My reservation to Trying Montegrity is the possibility of psychiatric side effects. They can be severe!

Miralax did not help for me! I have been dealing with chronic constipation all my life since I was a little child had multiple procedures for impacted colon! I have tried everything out there but after multiple trips to the ER a two week stay in the hospital for severe constipation and Pernicious Anemia it was discussed to have a Colostomy bag put in place but my husband said no we need a second opinion so I was sent to a motility specialist and she figured it out for me! This was back a medication called Amitiza first came out! She explained to me that the inertia in my colon was from the over usage of harsh laxatives and enemas over a long period of time it somehow messed up the motility of my colon and that the only way that my bowels could or would move was to have something constantly stimulate it . So she put me on the Amitiza and that medication saved my life! I tried the Miralax, Linzess, Sennecot, Swiss Criss, Colace , Metamucil but nothing worked like the Amitiza! Until I started that medication I could go for 2 weeks and no bowel movements but now I go everyday like normal! It’s the best medication I have found for my chronic constipation! If you can’t afford it there is also a generic of the same medication called Lubiprostone as well. It’s expensive but so worth it if you have good insurance. I think it’s $1500 without and insurance but with a Good RX coupon sometimes you can get a little cheaper. With my insurance it’s $80 but I have been on this medication for many years now and I need it to survive so it’s worth every penny! If you have diagnosed with IBS-C or IBS -ICC this could be the ideal medication for you! Good luck!