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Good evening Jennifer
Sorry it took me so long to reply,work has been very busy.
I have tried physical therapy and see a chiropractor often. The chiropractor does help,with not only my back but my neck also. I have never heard of MFR therapy. I will certainly do some research on it. My issue is if insurance doesn’t cover it I can’t afford it.
As far as horseback riding it sounds like an excellent way to work on core strength. I will check on that also. I am retiring on November 1st so I will have more time to work on different ways to help my kyphosis.
Do you know anyone that has had spinal fusion surgery to fix kyphosis? I would love to talk to someone who has had it done. Actually I was reading that more elderly patients were having a lot of success with it.
I really think mine is been like this for so long surgery might be the only thing to fix it. But something tells me the surgery is way too risky so I just need to live with it.
Thank you for all your advice.

BTW I saw the video about the portrait of your surgeon. You are a very gifted artist.

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@rball202 Jeff, thank you very much! I loved painting the portrait of my surgeon and he loved it too! It has a place of honor in his home. I had been losing the ability to control my arms until I had spine surgery at Mayo. It was life changing for me. It was a lot of work putting the video together and I like to watch myself paint it when I need something uplifting. I like the music too!

I don't know anyone who has had surgery for kyphosis. Perhaps there will be some other members who can share that type of experience. It really would be a big surgery with a long recovery time, and not something to rush into. I do understand financial issues and needing insurance to pay, but it may be worth it to pay for some sessions of MFR to see if it helps. If you can avoid surgery, wouldn't that be worth it?

The way that chiropractors work with direct force to the spine makes me question the safety of doing that if there is a problem with a disc. All I had to do to rupture my disc was turn my head, and I heard it pop and my head turned further. It had been bulging for several years. When a disc gets injured, it can develop small cracks, and then they dry out with aging and those cracks can open up and the disc can herniate. Once that happens, there is inflammation, and it can start the growth of bone spurs. That happened to me, and the bone spurs were growing into my spinal cord. That became a problem that needed surgical intervention. You could have disc issues related to your kyphosis.

My husband just retired, and there are lots of things that need to be addressed with insurance and Medicare, etc. We made sure to select real Medicare rather that a plan that replaces Medicare and that may not be accepted at Mayo. I actually called the Mayo billing department about which Medigap plans would be accepted, so I know I would be covered if I should need to come back for treatment.

The picture on my avitar is my older horse. I have a younger horse that I ride and I had a custom saddle made for him. There is a nice trail about 5-6 miles long near where he is boarded that is a nice ride. For safety, I always ride with others.