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I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I will pray for your decisions and successful treatment. I had tonsil cancer that had moved into 2 lymph nodes back in Dec of 2019. They talked about doing surgery to remove but because of the fact that it was a tonsil plus 2 lymph nodes I would still have to have radiation. Because the surgery would not prevent the radiation my doctor advised to skip the surgery and get started with the radiation. My surgeon felt good about the possible surgery though because he could move my lymph node around by hand. He said that because he could move it back and forth by hand it meant the cancer had not sunk roots down into my neck (if that makes sense and those might not have been his exact words) which would allow for a clean removal. I don't know your situation and hope that you have a good surgeon. I would ask if you are going to still have to have radiation and if so what advantage does having both surgery and radiation give you. My situation was the surgery would push the radiation back about 4 weeks for wound healing and then I would still have to have nearly the same amount of radiation. Making the surgery not beneficial. If the surgery would have prevented radiation I would have been all over that. Good luck and I hope this helps you with questions you may want to ask your doctor/surgeon. Prayers for you.

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I initially had this throat cancer in 2020 and had the full radiaiton treatments and chemo. Now that it has come back, I cannot do radiation again, plus it will now complicate the surgery. First I must have a lung biopsy, as something is going on in my lungs. We hope it is simply inflammation.