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I would like to say thank you for your response. My wife has been diagnosed as having cervical carcinoma here in Ethiopia last week. So that, we are in trouble, we are very shocked right now. What ever it be, we have decided on she has to start treatment but we are not clear with treatment more effective.
That is why we are looking for some sort of advice. If it is useful I attached the pathologist's lab result report of punch biops test

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I see the pathologist's report is not attached. Please do not attach it as it will contain personal and identifiable information about your wife and this is a public forum where other people can see it.

Perhaps you have already searched the internet for more information. What do her doctors recommend? Is there a comprehensive cancer center in Ethiopia that specializes in cancer care? In the U.S., many times these cancer centers are part of a university medical center. This is where the most up-to-date treatment is often available. Also with research going on this is where clinical trials (research) are available. Below is information from the American Cancer Society on treatment options for cervical cancer.

-Treatment Options for Cervical Cancer, by Stage

Would your wife like another opinion? Mayo Clinic has an international contact where you can find out if Mayo Clinic or a Mayo Clinic affiliated cancer program is an option for your wife. Here is the link to find out:


I am going to ask our Director, @colleenyoung to read this and see if she has other information for international patients that will be helpful to your and your wife.

My best wishes as your wife seeks the care that she needs.