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Celiac Artery Aneurysm: Anyone else with same illness?

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My Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm was discovered the same way in 2004. My Urologist had me get a CT Scan to see why I was getting so many kidney and urinary infections. I had a second scan and he found a 3.1cm aneurysm. It was 18 years ago and I was about to go on Medicare after I retired in 2006. The government won’t pay to repair that type of aneurysm till it was 5cm. So it was a wait and see attitude. It took 7 years for the aneurysm reached 5cm, The stress of having that kind of aneurysm, knowing it could rupture any second and result in my death, was unbearable. It has an almost 100% mortality rate if it burst unless you’re in a hospital when it happens. I had no symptoms at all either. In 2011, it was repaired in a long procedure. Mine was complicated by the fact the stent looked like an upside down “Y”. The bottom part went up to the heart just 2” above and each other part went to each leg. It’s been 11 years since it was repaired and there is no leakage.

After looking up about your aneurysm, they may use the wait and see attitude. Each type of aneurysm had its own set of criteria for its repair. It may even be in a place where its inoperable. I lost a dear friend that happened to who had the same aneurysm as me but was in a spot nothing could be done. I had another friend who had an aneurysm in her brain. It actually popped but they were able to save her. So it’s difficult to give you any medical advice other than this. The lethal enemy of any aneurysm is your blood pressure. Each beat of your heart expands the aneurysm like a balloon and once expanded, it won’t go back to its original shape. So if your blood pressure is above 120/70, you better lower it as fast as you can. Your doctor will prescribe medication to keep it low. Till they do a battery of tests on you to determine their course of action, it’s a wait and see game. Remember, it took me 7 years of waiting, knowing I could drop dead any second if it burst. Good luck, hope all goes well for you. @becky1024

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Thank you for this information. i just received a bit of hopeful news from the doctor stating that the size was a minimal 9mm, so not yet 1cm. I have been referred for more tests.