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Hello @james8117,

I can certainly understand the feeling of nauseous due to the surprise of the diagnosis.

Will you post any other concerns or questions you have prior to your tests on Wednesday?

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On a Thursday a MRI on my prostrate showed suspicious cancer in the small intestine my urologist then went to work setting up other appointments for the beginning of the next week. On the following Tuesday I had a CT with contrast and yes I have about 10-12 small carcinoid tumors show up on the scan, and a 8mm lesion on my liver was present. On Wednesday I had a colonoscopy and a double balloon endoscope through my throat into my small intestine and my colon. No other areas of concern were noted. The cancer appears to be in a lower 1/3 of my Ilium part of the small intestine. I do have 2 metatasitc nodes by the affected area that measure about 1.1cm each. Colonoscopy was clean. later Thursday I another MRI on my liver to get more info on the suspicious lesion. The MRI showed clear cysts and no areas of concern. Today is Friday and now I have an appointment with a surgeon for the next step towards surgery. The biopsies have nit come back from Wednesday yet but my GI is confident it will be carcinoid tumor cells. Its scary but now I know I only have 1 area of concern I do feel more relieved. The Drs say it very slow growing in most cases and this infected area should be able to be removed with surgery and expect to be in the hospital for about 3-9 days depending on the extent of everything.