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Hi Fala!
A Wacom tablet is like a pad on which you can 'write' with a Wacom pen.
You place it next to the laptop or keyboard and hold the pen like a regular pen, clicking on the pad or dragging it to navigate and select files on your computer.
Some people place the pad in front of them but I am a teacher and frown heavily so they understand 😹
Here is an illustration of such a Wacom tablet and pen that I made years ago (see below). Mind you: the models have changed 😊 And I never had one of those fancy pink pens. Most are now black.

Thanks for loving my text; this made me smile 😊

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Replies to "Hi Fala! A Wacom tablet is like a pad on which you can 'write' with a..."

So, you took the time to explain what a Wacom pen is. Thank you! I think that is very clever! I an a note keeper…but I have strayed my my own rule to ONLY write things I must refer to in my DESK NOTEBOOK!! Broke my own rules, always in a rush, I have all these notes in an empty tissue box….while the notebook is right behind me . Phew! Don't know how many patterns I can change successfully at my age, but I will keep that in mind…(once my family crisis is over.)
The old saying, "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade"…does not fly in this case.
With all of us with Medical issues and physical limitations, all the tips we can get are greatly appreciated!
My best to you with whatever comes along!