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LOVEDF your note!! I do not know what a Wacom pen is? Whatever, I love your sense of humor and your plan on "How to find stuff" I am so busy with all kinds of necessary duties, I am lucky to have this time to be on the computer. Sounds exaggerated, but trust me, not so. I am in my 80's and luckily can drive and do all kinds of things with PN always a pain.. yes PIZA is true. Nonetheless, it is good to hear of solutions to my horrible memory. I think some of it is my strong BP meds, (combined with old age.)
I live alone, but have Grandson I can call on if necessary. (One out of nine) LOL, but it is NOT really funny.
Just a thank you for the tips. Best wishes!
Fala ( my real Grandmother name)

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Hi Fala!
A Wacom tablet is like a pad on which you can 'write' with a Wacom pen.
You place it next to the laptop or keyboard and hold the pen like a regular pen, clicking on the pad or dragging it to navigate and select files on your computer.
Some people place the pad in front of them but I am a teacher and frown heavily so they understand 😹
Here is an illustration of such a Wacom tablet and pen that I made years ago (see below). Mind you: the models have changed 😊 And I never had one of those fancy pink pens. Most are now black.

Thanks for loving my text; this made me smile 😊