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@rball202 Hello and welcome to Connect. Have you consulted a spine surgeon before for this condition?

Some of these spinal deformity surgeries are big surgeries with long recovery times. The surgeon I mentioned previously, Jeremy Fogelson, at Mayo Rochester, is a spine deformity expert and would be a good surgeon for a consult about kyphosis. My spine surgery was a cervical fusion because of a damaged disc. I have read about kyphosis, and surgery may involve placement of support rods onto the spine for the patient to be able to stand erect. Bone quality is very important if anything needs to be screwed into the spine. For example, if kyphosis is happening because of a spontaneous spine fracture due to osteoporosis, they may not be able to use spine instrumentation hardware. In that example, sometimes, a procedure is done with bone cement to support the spine after a compression fracture. Here is a link that describes kyphosis and treatment. My dad had kyphosis and my mom had a compression fracture, and was not a candidate for bone cement because of the degree of osteoporosis that she had.


Are you having mobility issues because of your spine?

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Thank you for your response Jennifer. I am 64 years old and have had humpback(I don’t like that word)kyphosis for several years. I have never been to a specialist for this just my primary.I am still working and am retiring on November 1st this year.

I have done a lot of online research about my kyphosis. The only thing that I found that actually fixed the appearance of it is before and after spinal fusion pics. I won’t look at a mirror when I go by it because of it. My friends and girlfriend always ask me “why don’t u stand up straight?” I would if I could trust me. I have chronic pain in my back and neck.
I know the surgery is terribly risky. How does the saying go ? Desperate times call for desperate measures. I have also been reading articles about older people having pretty good luck with it.
As far as if I am a candidate I have no idea. I believe my problem stemmed from years of labor intensive work and racquetball. So I basically developed really bad posture.

It is a seven hour drive for me to come up to Rochester. But I am definitely thinking about it. Do you know if I live in Illinois they can do any kind of video conso?
Thanks sooo much for your help