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Went off without a plan as far as I could tell. It's very difficult to discern the details in some of these scientific studies with all the jargon & abbreviations used.


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I know. Reading those studies is not for the faint of heart or the impatient. Or people like me with a flimsy science background but good understanding of statistics. I've had to really dig deep to separate out the statistics for things like PFR is progression free recurrence ( which doesn't even make sense to me), overall survival, cancer free survival, and the difference between endpoints, interim points, and secondary endpoints. And the one thing that studies usually gloss over is QOL which is quality of life. I understand that it's a very subjective statistic to gather, but it is one that most of us wants to have some information about.

One number that I pay a lot of attention to is the dropout rate in any study. Because most participants who sign up for a study are highly motivated and don't drop out capriciously. So when I see a high dropout rate, I look further at a drug or a protocol side effects to try to deduce what triggered the high dropout rate.