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Prolia has barely been around for 10 years and has a track record of having well over a hundred thousand adverse effects from it listed on the FDA's FAERS website in that time. I don't think that there is any period of taking this drug, after which one is not at risk unless one segues to another drug, usually a bisphosphonate, almost immediately upon skipping a scheduled dose of Prolia. At least that's what my, and my friends', doctors have told all of us. There are people who have posted on Mayo connect who had problems going off Prolia after taking it for less than 2 years and who have written about their experience.

Any doctor prescribing Prolia has a moral and ethical obligation to fully inform the patient as to what taking Prolia entails in my opinion. But, since apparently doctors aren't always doing this, it's even more important for each of us to double check everything because failure to do so can leave us vulnerable.

I research all prescribed drugs and protocols before agreeing to them. My doctors are fine with that but it took a while to find excellent doctors whose egos are ruffled by proactive patients.

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Yes, the "ego ruffling" makes the journey so hard. Thanks for the sharing with me. I have to make a decision very soon and I'm finding more peace with attacking this with food and supplements, and weight-bearing exercises.