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Hello @danylko and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. It is good that you are seeking support when you are feeling doubtful and concerned.

Feeling instability in your cervical spine must be very concerning. I would have to think that despite what you may have been told to date, this is worth another opinion at another hospital. Have all your consults, to date, been at the same hospital? Have you seen other doctors for additional opinions?

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Thanks for responding @amandajro

Thanks for the response. Yes, I have gotten many opinions for this issue. All which have varied. I did not go back to the surgeon who did this surgery since he claimed everything was fine and that it was just a "bad x-ray" on all my post-op visits, without taking additional x-rays to make sure.

Here is what was told to me on them all. None were all at the same facility and all were virtual consultations due to my inability to travel because of this. I am in NJ but wanted to seek out some of the better specialists.

1. "Looks like the Mobi-C failed, replace it with a ProDisc or try a fusion without a plate at one level. Unclear of which approach would be best", recommended me to a specialist in ADR more verse in this case. (Orthopedic Spine surgeon from TN)

2. Surgeon that was referred to me by the above. "Mobi-C failed, causing instability and hypermobility. Needs to be replaced with a ProDisc or a Simplify Disc." Put the surgery on the table for me. (Orthopedic Spine Surgeon from TX)

3. "If you can't walk OR you can't drive/sit in a car, then I'd go to the ER. I see what the problem is, and it's complex. but your insurance is covering my practice so I can't see you" (Neurosurgeon in NJ)

4. "I wouldn't do anything. This looks ok to me but I'm not an expert in these type of things. If you come back to me then I'll refer you to a friend in Philly" (Original Neurosurgeon in NJ who did my first fusion surgery)

5. "I would need to do an EMG, Epidural and Steroid injections first to determine where the pain is, then to PT and if we do a surgery it would be a posterior approach using a spacer depending on what we find. I'm not sure if it's the mobi-c level or a fusion level that hasn't fused after 6 months treatment like this. I wouldn't remove the Mobi-C if we do this though at that level." - Orthopedic Spine Surgeon in NJ after explaining it's instability and not necessarily pain related.

6. "The Mobi-C is 100% bad. I agree with Surgeon number 2's approach. I'm actually friends with him but don't know your case until now, but feel changing to a ProDisc is a risk worth taking. Actually, I'd probably do a hybrid surgery in replacing your fusion since half didn't fuse after 2 years and then this failed Mobi-C, and I'd have a 4-level fusion as a backup plan on the fly in case I don't see room for a ProDisc" - Orthopedic Spine Surgeon in NYC

To be honest, I liked Number 6's approach the best but I don't like that it's just a "risk" and also that he's out of network with insurance. My concern is replacing my current fusion, which everyone has said was absolutely the right move, especially since I feel I have no actual symptoms from there due to the hardware being very stable.

Naturally, I'd like an opinion or option from someone that may see fit of more of a guarantee to get me to 90% quality of life at the minimum instead of the 50% I'm currently living with now (though an improvement from the 10% I was living with prior to these surgeries). I was guaranteed 80% from the Mobi-C and all it did was set me back I feel.

Actually I have severe kyphosis in my back. I was wanting to find out about spinal fusion surgery for this problem. Thanks