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Hysterectomy what to expect afterwards?

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I had an ultrasound Friday and I knew something was wrong. The technician could not hide her concern and she seemed dismayed when I told her I had no bleeding. Monday I received a call from the Dr. Who informed me they highly suspect ovarian cancer. So in 24 hrs I’ve been booked for a CT scan on Sat. And blood work which happened today. The oncology referral has already been sent. I’m in a real spin here. So much in so little time. I can’t really identify any overt symptoms accept my appetite which hasn’t resulted in any great weight loss. I really need some words of encouragement cause I can’t understand how this abrupt turn in the road happened without any warning.

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@hqtogo This must be frightening for you. I've been exactly where you are where an ultrasound looked suspicious for cancer. In my case it was the endometrial lining that was thickened and a biopsy confirmed it was cancer. Like you, I was shocked and very frightened. So was my gynecologist as he didn't think I had the "typical" risk factors. OK, so I wasn't "typical" but I still was diagnosed with endometrial cancer.

I'm guessing the ultrasound was ordered because you saw your doctor for a check-up or something else and they were concerned about what they saw during your exam? Your doctor ordered all the kinds of tests that will be helpful in trying to figure out if this is cancer and where to go from here.

Here is some information about ovarian cancer from Mayo Clinic. Cancer is sneaky and sometimes there is cancer with few or no symptoms.
When is your CT? Will you please come back here and let me know what happens?

@hqtogo I'm checking in with you to ask how you are feeling today. What did you found out since your CT scan and blood test were done? Did you meet with the oncologist and come up with a plan?