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One of the things we have started is to declutter. Believe it or not, getting rid of the unused, the unloved and the junk we have an easier time finding things and managing our lives.
Our goal is to empty every nook and cranny, get what we use organized in plain sight on shelves or in accessible drawers. Now when one of us is hunting for batteries, for example, the other can say "in the tool room cabinet, box marked batteries."
We also have simplified our clothing to exactly what fits in our closet & dressers. We no longer have to hunt through boxes, the trunk, the "other closet" – and so far neither of us has had to go naked.😁
What organizing tricks have you used to be able to find things?

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Erm, well…

I use a Wacom pen and tablet for my work. I work from home nowadays and often, okay I'll come clean; usually can't find it when come back from a quick pee, drink, Kitchen Whatever, or cat cuddle session.

So, I decided to train myself. Bear with me. Every night after shutting down the computer I would hide the pen so I would find it the next day. It had to be 'visible', not inside something inside something inside something.
This went well, until it did not. I spent almost half a day trying to find it. Which I thankfully did. But oh… 🙄 The affront!

I used to have this great little clip to place it in but those days are gone.

I decided on said Designated Space last week.
The next step is Thinking ✍ About ✍ That ✍ Space.

I have a tip though!
If you have smart LED lights such as Hue from Philips' Signify you can create an alarm for certain tasks, and you can set up a light that will turn on after you leave a space, or to have it automatically turned off. You can even make a light turn on if the temperature drops below a level, or if there is motion. You can have a light turn on around the time you go to bed to remind you to shut the garden door. And of course they are pretty lights that you can use to simulate a beach fire or a candle flame. Anyway: this might help, it helps me!

Oh, as I type this I remember the garden door is still open… 😹